Prove Your Parents Wrong

“You wanna become an actor? Don’t make life to difficult – become an accountant like Lisa’s daughter!”
We have all heard this typical rant from our parents – wanting us to make safe and reasonable choices. But safe and reasonable is boring – SO LET’S PROVE OUR PARENTS WRONG and go and pursue your dream as an astronaut, surfer, hairdresser or accountant – whatever floats your boat! It’s not too late!

(ps. I love you mom)

Maybe this t-shirt will help you break some old habits? Anyway – it is produced in a sustainable material thats totally GOTS certified. It’s also super soft and made in a classic fitted cut, so it fits perfectly for women in all shapes and sizes.
A slightly fitted model – if you want a relaxed and loose look, choose a size up. The sleeves are short (suns out – guns out, right?) and the neckline is ribbed.
Statement print “It’s never too late to prove your parents wrong”.
Printed in Denmark with natural dye.

DKK 299.00

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