Looking for a reason not to do laundry? Keep reading!

It’s probably not news to you that we at ancré try to be nice to people and planet. So why do we want to talk laundry with you? Well, because washing your clothes the right way actually makes a huge difference in terms of giving your t-shirt a longer life and protecting the environment.

So what to do? Here’s a little guide:

  • Start by asking yourself if your t-shirt really needs washing. In many cases it is enough to simply treat the stain area, or hang the garment out to air.

  • If you are a dirty danny, wash you t-shirts at 30°or use a program with cold water. Trust me, it will get clean.

  • Use an eco-labelled detergent, but don’t use too much.

  • Air-dry your laundry instead of using a tumble dryer. It takes twice as much energy to tumble-dry a t-shirt as to washing it.

  • Don’t iron. The heat from ironing damages the cotton fibres and it’s just dumb and boring. Go do something fun instead.

We want to encourage people to adapt their washing habits, in particular washing at the lowest possible temperature, by explaining why this initiative is a win/win for all – it cuts CO2 emissions, reduces electricity bills and helps care for your clothes.

So from us to you – wash less – live more!

Facts about washing:

During the lifetime of an average t-shirt, 65% of greenhouse gases are produced while it is in the hands of the consumer. All of these greenhouse gases are produced during washing, drying and ironing. Production of the product accounts for only 35 %. Energy consumption is even worse: 73 % is consumed in the use phase, only 27 % during production. The tumble dryer consumes the most energy, followed by a washing machine and an iron.